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It's been a while

25/11/2013 14:55
I can write at the moment because hubby has gone out to return a coffee machine he bought from the Salvation Army that doesn't work. That would be coffee machine number two - do we really need that many? I'm finding this illness called Dementia a tad tedious at the moment. Don't get me wrong...

This got me thinking.

08/11/2013 21:06
Thanks to the wonderful Amoxycillin (or however you pronounce it) I'm now feeling an awful lot better. I just need to get this blinding headache under control and I think I'll be back to normal - whatever that is lol. I also mentioned to my doctor about our last appointment with the consultant and...

The Rollercoaster just won't stop.

03/11/2013 12:21
I've often described Dementia as a rollercoaster that never ceases, it never stops and it just won't let you get off, not even for a toilet break or to have a sandwich. The meeting with the consulatant on Wednesday sent me into a fettle that I've not had before. I am not a stupid person. I do not...

Hello - again :o)

28/10/2013 08:24
Well I think that's me over the cold :o) It just seems to have hung on and whilst it's not been a full in your face, everything at the same time that lasts a few days it's staggered itself over about ten days with different things each day. I just need to get rid of the cough now and that will be...

My apologies.

16/10/2013 12:07
Hello. It's been what seems like an absolute age since I've written my daily ramblings (about ten days I think), and I apologise for that. I had "the wall" come crashing towards me and it's been a bit all over the place here. I've dusted myself down again, I think, and I've had a few days to think...

Free falling.

03/10/2013 16:49
I'm coming to the conclusion that sometimes this illness feels like we're free falling. Having jumped out of a plane and the only time we'll hit the ground is when it rushes up to meet us. Sometimes we have a parachute on, other times it fails to open. I kind of feel like we're on a "fail to open"...

Day off.

01/10/2013 16:03
Yesterday I had a day off. I did absolutely nothing that didn't need to be done (that sounds back to front doesn't it lol). I cooked and washed dishes but that's about it. Hubby was at a friend's house and I went on strike, not that I'm brave enough to admit that to hubby though. I watched tv, had...

Mixed bag.

29/09/2013 11:32
Well where do I start with the after effects of yesterday's comments from me? He went off to the shops, with a shopping list and Biggey - which is very unusual because he doesn't normally appreciate other people going with him, but recently he's asked his dad to go with him to shops and taking...


28/09/2013 10:27
I have snapped this morning. Not in a loud and argumentative way but in an "enough is enough" way. I got up to let the dog out. I went back upstairs and was told what an awful liar I am and how I do nothing (again) and how useless I am for not having the back bone to get a job. I came back...

Mental Patients.

26/09/2013 15:50
Ok. So you all know that my husband has Dementia. I know, I barely mention it anywhere (PFFT). Dementia is a mental illness, which makes my husband a mental patient which makes my girls the children of a mental patient, but I can catagorically assure you that we have never found him rattling around...

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