Continuation of the Drop Scones...

22/04/2013 17:19

It never ends does it. I wouldn't care but they're eaten before they're made - or that's what it feels like. Apparently I'm getting "better and better" - not sure if that's a compliment or not though... lol. Note to self - get a metal palette knife, and possibly a griddle pan, it would be so much simpler than chasing them round the pan trying not to crinkle them.

It's been a strange type of day - peaceful, and I don't like that, but then careful what you wish for because you might get it. I always feel anxious when it's peaceful, but then last night he was in "worky ticket" mode and I could feel my eyes prickling because he thinks it's funny but you feel like you're being pushed to the limits. I got up feeling really good this morning, but then (due to him being at a friend's house) I slept for four hours flat - what's that about? It frustrates me because I'm not physically tired, but Jesus, my head is always crammed to capacity and then he decideds you've not been listening to him because he's changed his mind or forgotten what he's said previously and it's your fault anyway.

Life's a barrel of laughs...


Drop Scones - I ask you...

21/04/2013 22:58

I had been settled into watching a film for almost an hour. Another hour to go (bleeding adverts) and he who must be obeyed decided he wanted drop scones. Which, of course, meant I had to take a trip to the shops because I needed butter. You can't have drop scones without butter. So there I am, like a muppet making drop scones whilst he's watching the film I wanted to watch - and to top it off, I don't even have any because I'm trying to lose weight. There's something amusing there - buy I've yet to see it. Ah well, 11pm, time for a shower before The Full Monty starts and I'm going to watch it in bed - that is, unless he decides he wants claggy shortbread...


Just when you think...

21/04/2013 19:24

Well today has been an almost normal day. Only wanted to put two of our three children into a raffle, then the little darlings hung out washing (was a punishment, not them being helpful - although it was, they just don't realise it), only to look out of the window to see my washing stretched to full elasticity - honestly, everyone knows I'm big, but does my washing have to be used as a weather sock for incoming planes?

Making the tea was just as good. Opened a tin of butter beans only to find that Mr. Morrison had kindly put Kidney beans into the tin instead - I ask you, somedays it's like every man and his dog is against you. Have had to turn the butter bean sauce into a gratin for the potatoes and and do emergency peas instead.


First blog

21/04/2013 15:56

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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