Dictionary (Non Medical Words that we come up with when others just won't do)

Sometimes normal words just don't fit what we're trying to say. I have many, and I'm sure you do too. The lovely Diane from DemenShare and I were having a chat on twitter and were talking about this very thing and that's when the "Non Medical Words Dictionary" was born. Please feel free to contact me with your non medical words (just fill in the form on the right hand side) and I shall add them (your name can be added or I can leave it anonymous). I'm hoping that this page will be a work in progress and maybe a little light relief for such a heavy illness that we find ourselves in.

Please note that the humour isn't meant in a patronising or condescending manner, but shows that a little humour can go a long way to keeping you from crumpling.




Definition: The word used because Middley can't say Antihistamines. Unless it's subliminal talk for feelings towards her sisters...

Origin: Constantly Trying's Middley



Boiled Egg

Definition: The new name in our house for Alopecia. Littlie prefers this and to be honest, that's good enough for me :o)

Origin: Constantly Trying and my beautiful Littlie.




Definition: The individual you're looking after instead of using the word "sufferer" or "patient".

Origin: Constantly Trying



Definition: Being niggled, bad tempered, niggled, slightly niggled, worked up with yourself, niggled with yourself, and just generally being a bit of kilter with yourself without being able to right it. Other people's stupidity just adds to your feeling of being crabbit, and it's never your own fault... If you're being "crabbit" with someone, they've usually brought it about themself and they have no-one to blame but themself ;o)

Origin: Constantly Trying



Definition: Sobbing on the floor in a jibbering heap. Something you shouldn't do because if nothing else, your mascara (if you wearing any - if not you should be, it makes you feel better) will make you look like a bad Alice Cooper lookalike and nobody wants to beaten on the beauty stakes by Alice Cooper. (Sorry Alice - no offence x)

Origin: Constantly Trying




Definition: What happens to the beans when you plant them and they fall off to let the plant grow.

Origin: Constantly Trying's Middley



Definition: When your mind has a hundred and one things running around in it and it makes you act like a fumbling headless chicken.

Origin: Diane (DemenShare)




Definition: Confusion caused by not knowing what the answer is.

Origin: Constantly Trying



Definition: The mood I'm in when I can't describe what kind of mood I'm in. I'm not happy, I'm not sad, but there's something not sitting right. Unfortunately it's usually the feeling I get before I "hit the wall", but now I know what a Flump leads to I can try to stave off "the wall".

Origin: Constantly Trying




Definition: This word does not exist, and if people tell you it does they're lying. "Normal" doesn't happen and aspiring to be normal will cause you to feel downbeat and depressed. Realising that "normal" is a figment of the imagination is liberating and will help you adapt to the "winging it" approach.

Origin: Constantly Trying




Definition: Keeping yourself occupied, busying yourself so that you're doing something and not being seen to be being lazy. May otherwise be known as "occupied".

Origin: Constantly Trying's Littley



Wall (or the Wall)

Definition: An invisible wall that appears when feeling low or sad or have had a few bad days. I don't crash into it often, and I try not to, but it's always there waiting for me. Try to avoid "the Wall" as it's harder to get up from the floor when you've crashed into it than it is to try and avoid. Acknowledging that "the Wall" is there allows you to know that you need to take a deep breath every now and again so that you don't hit it.

Origin: Constantly Trying


Winging it    

Definition: What we do on a daily basis to get through the day. What works one day might not work the next. "Winging It" is very similar to improvising, and certainly keeps you on your toes.

Origin: Constantly Trying

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