Absolutely Gutted.

17/07/2013 17:11

Gutted does not give how I'm feeling justice. I had a phone call earlier this afternoon. It was a private number on my mobile, so I didn't know who it was, and when answering it it was the camp that Biggey's at. She fell this morning on the back of someone else falling and ended up with an x-ray. Her arm was so swollen that they could only see the main bones were ok, but they couldn't see accurately enough to see if there are fractures on the little bones, and with her falling badly earlier in the year they are concerned enough for her to have another x-ray tomorrow. That's a 7hour round trip to pick her up because she can't continue with cadet camp with her arm in the state it's in.

I am so disappointed for her. She was on the phone in tears saying that she didn't want to come home, and worried that daddy's going to shout at her. I'm checking that if there's no fracture and that she can use it that maybe should could go back on Saturday - the day we were meant to visit to see them all in action, but I'm not going to hold my breath - that would be too good.

She's been looking forward to this two week camp since before Christmas, passed all the tests she needed to pass to allow her to go, and then four days into a two week camp this happens. I know these things happen, but just once could something just go right? Is it too much to ask. It's now going to be another five hours before I see her, and I can't wait to just give her a cuddle. It's just such a shame.



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