All aboard...

18/06/2014 10:30

Whoo whoo... all aboard that's coming aboard...

Well I thought that the decline might be quicker than it has been, but wowzers. Day 1 - 4 off the meds and he was high as a kite, energy abound, eyes wide open, and it was go, go, go. Day 5 and there was a little evidence of him not being quite normal (what does that mean anymore?), day 6 and it was like you're waiting for the volcanoe to errupt but you didn't know when and you don't know how big it will be and there's that unsettled vibe in the air - and the girls have noticed, but today is day 7.

It's a whole new ball game today. Constance have you made my coffee? It's right infront of you sweetheart (I know, I'm nice - just don't tell anyone, they won't believe you), but if you've finished it, I'll make you another one. Nope. He hadn't touched the coffee. Constance can you charge my phone - he's sat with the phone and the charger right infront of him. Constance can you get me my watch? Constance where's my boiler suit? Getting the picture? He's lost that bit sparkle in his eyes, his face is puffy, he looks old and a little bit lost.

I don't know if he'll manage to pull it out of the bag tomorrow when he sees the doctor - she's not daft, but if he does, he won't be able to next week. 

They've been treating him for Alzheimers (must remember to change that in my bio) and the medication is for Alzheimers, and they want to prove he has Alzheimers because he's responding too well to the Alzheimers meds and they don't understand why. So take him off the Alzheimers meds, stand back and let's see what happens. Well, Mr. Fancy Pants Doctor in Edinburgh, the result is that he declines, and he's showing strains off what he was like at the start (which I can not go back to because it was awful) and the end result will be him going back on the Alzheimers meds. Well. Let me just say, our lives in this house is stressful enough without adding a little experiment into the mix just to shake things up.

We've had Middley packing her bag and waiting for someone to come and pick her up because she doesn't want to live here anymore she can't stand the worrying. We've had the rollockings at the dinner table for no reason. We've had the forgetful side to him increase, the mood swings become more variable, the being embarrassed in the garden because he's having a little strop. We've had him shoot his mother down in flames, and the slowness in his dexterity and I'd just like to say thank you. Like life isn't hard enough as it is.


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