Call for help...

18/05/2013 16:42

Ok - you know how technically inept I am... Somehow I have added a "Newsletter" section that can not be deleted - I don't know how, there doesn't appear to be an option to do it and it's frustrating me.

Rather than continue to be frustrated, I wondered if any of you had any suggestions on what you'd like to see on a Newsletter. Obviously I have my blog (you're reading it lol) and I put my ramblings and thoughts on it, but I thought that something a tad more professional would be needed for a Newsletter. I don't want to write things that people wouldn't want to read, and I do like to do things properly, so this is my call for help. Any suggestions and ideas would be really gratefully received. I hope you don't mind me asking - I know it's cheeky, but I am a little lost here.

You can email me at or twitter me, and honestly, any help would really, really be helpful.

Lots of love. Cx


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