14/06/2013 22:27

Where do I start?...

Hubby is being very cantakerous at the moment. I'm lazy, I'm not doing anything... blah, blah, blah. He's getting more forgetful but I don't know if that's him getting more forgetful or if it's him trying to push my buttons.

Last night, half an hour after tea he asked "what's for tea?". He genuinely looked like he meant it, but once I said "Are you pulling my leg? We've already had tea" he jumped in with "I know - it was sausages". Needless to say, it wasn't sausages. It was boiled baby potatoes with pork strips done in a mushroom sauce with peas, sweetcorn and brocolli and even if I do say so myself it was lovely. Littley had had the last of the ice creams, but oh no... "You've had it, of course it was you. You don't get to your size without stealing the nice food in the house. I can have nothing, you take it all". It kind of went down hill from there with biggey going to bed because he was being so horrid to me at 8.30pm. "You're a bully daddy". I gave up an hour later and went to sort washing sitting on the bed. I found a load of tea towels I'd been looking for so there was a plus side to it. I'd just like to say that sewing a rip on a tee-shirt that is dark grey with black thread with only the bedroom light on is not a good idea. I might aswell have had pincushions for fingers - serious "OUCH", but that's a tee-shirt I couldn't afford to throw away mended - another yay moment.

Middley made me smile this afternoon by telling me she's "side-kick". What? "You know mummy, side-kick...". Think for a moment... "Oh, you mean psychic?". "That's the one mummy". Did have visions of her dressed as Robin to Batman there... She still hasn't given up on the theory that Nelson Mandela is the Skittle advert man, but then when she and littley were discussing it, Littley thought it was President Obama - so there's not much hope there. Biggey asked this morning if she could have a baked potato for tea tonight because she didn't want home made pizza. "Why?" - "Just because I fancy it". "Yes, but why?" - "because I don't fancy pizza for tea". "That's fine Biggey, but you're not home for tea tonight, you're going to your friend's house...". "Oh yeah, I forgot". Dear God - what is it with this house?

Before hubby went out today he told me that I'm lazy. Yet again. I simply smiled at him and made him a cup of coffee. He then told me that today I had to spend at least five hours doing housework that he wouldn't notice I'd done... WTF? He doesn't notice the housework I have done and then shouts at me for not doing it, so what chance do I stand doing housework that he won't notice I've done (if that makes any sense whatsoever). If only I had middley's "side-kick" ability... ;o)


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