Dementia isn't the only cause for "OMG" moments...

30/04/2013 19:00

Not in our house anyway. There was hubby and I having a bit of a serious, grown up conversation about yesterday, Dementia, Frontal Lobe Dementia and the fact he doesn't want his ashes thrown out of an HGV at regular intervals (you had to be there... lol).

Hubby and I rarely have conversations like this, or proper conversations come to that, and it was lovely just chatting away the two of us. Now then. This is where it goes a bit t**s up... What I haven't mentioned is that I'd gotten out of the shower, and for decency was just wearing a nightie (note to self, purchase a button from the neck to the ankle nightie), whilst the both of us were lying on the bed chatting away. He had his arm over me and we were enjoying the sunshine gleaming through the bedroom window, the dog at the bottom of the bed doing the same. Nothing naughty was going on, although I can't say he wasn't trying. "This is what I mean about inappropriate behaviour, the girls are home." etc, etc. That's when mortification occured. Littley came up the stairs to ask if she could go to a friend's house for tea. Nothing wrong there I hear you say... What I didn't realise was that said friend was stood beside her, my bedroom door wide open, with the view of me, hubby and the' dog lying on the bed with me flailing around like an obese turtle stuck on it's back trying to get up with as much dignity that I could muster (there was no dignity), whilst hubby turns onto his tummy with his head in the pillows laughing his head off, the whole bed shaking from his laughter.

Oh dear God. The girls went to have their tea and he's pi**ing himself laughing at the thought of what her mum's reaction will be to this completely innocent chat we were having on the bed. I'm still mortified. Seriously,why bother trying to appear "normal" when you can give Dementia a good run for it's money on your own... 


Topic: Dementia isn't the only cause for "OMG" moments...


omg moment

I"m trying this out here . . . OMG and my Mom I get it . . .!
I'd love! to have some OMG moments in my house ...
for me it's been Mom coming home from hospital and repeatedly telling her that um
well . . .
lots of repeats

she's 'not my mom' anymore :(

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