Enough already.

27/08/2013 10:20

On Sunday hubby noticed a smell in the kitchen. Now I've always had a problem with smelling things due to a problem with the inside of my nose, so unless it's something completely horrific about 2" from my face I struggle to smell it, but today I could. Hubby was almost wretching, but that's because of his stomach problems, and I was looking for dead things in the kitchen.

I had the fridge out, I had it emptied, I had used kitchen cleaner, I used washing up li"cue"uid, I then washed it out with bicarb, put it all back together and put the fridge back. I then had a look at the microwave, which I thought might be the culprit because it's not been working as well as it should be recently. That was scrubbed out, washed, disinfected, cleaned - you get the picture, and still I could smell this smell. If the cooker hadn't been in and out like it has this past week I would have thought that something  had fallen down behind it, but it has and the cooker is on legs and you can see underneath it and nope, nada, zilch. I tided, cleaned, used strong smelling products (due to prior concern about him "not smelling clean") and I could still smell something.

Hubby walked in for his tea and the smell hit him at the door (see what I mean about him having a "super nose"). I put him to good use and sent him about the kitchen to see if he could find the area the smell was coming from. What was the culprit? The fridge was. I absolutely give up, especially as I think that the microwave has seen better days - but to be honest I can live without that.

We have a fridge freezer in the garage, but can I get him to bring it into the house? No. He thinks that it won't work. I think that it will, and it would save us money, money that we just don't have. I'm thinking of ways I could get him to bring it into the house and at least try it, even if it only lasts six months it would give us six months.

I'm working myself into a tizz. The fridge, the lack of money, the driving licence reminder, the national insurance credits (that I don't think he's getting and I'm trying to sort out), the mortgage help (still ongoing), and I just want to sit in a corner with a bottle of wine and have no thoughts about anything, but I can't afford one lol.

Hopefully the dwp will ring me tomorrow so I can sort out the mortgage help, because that would help big style. I need to get rid of the garage we rent because it's £40 a month, and we don't have that much in there, and the things that are in there haven't been used in I don't know how long, so why keep it - it's dead money.

He's decided he wants Louvre doors in the kitchen, and our door (the old boiler cupboard that is going to be made into a cupboard for my cooking things) isn't a normal sized door - can you believe it? I can, nothing else has been simple, so why should the door be any different. We don't need a door. The one we have at the moment is fine. It works. It opens and closes. Job done. Yet it has the vent in it for the old air heating and he wants it changed. He wants the kitchen changed when we've saved up enough money (like that's ever going to happen), so I can't understand doing things now when it would probably be changed when I lose the will to live and a new kitchen is being put in.

It's just lots of little niggley things at the moment that he's oblivious to, or not oblivious to but not thinking beyond the end of his nose - and that's not meant cruelly, but things could be done in order rather than a bit here and there only to be done again at a later date meaning the money spent previously has been wasted.

Deep breath and count to ten me thinkst.


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