Feeling verified.

13/08/2013 09:44

Morning. Yesterday I had my whinge about the falling out with my brother. Today I'm feeling verified for being upset by him because hubby has not given me wrong for it. I was expecting all hell to break loose and was waiting for the fall out when we got home, but it hasn't happened. All he has said is that I will crumble and back down to him just to keep the peace. I have told him that I won't. I think the thing that has hubby on my side, for a change, is the fact that I was told that I use hubby's illness as a sympathy card and a way of getting attention. That is one of the comments that has upset me the most, and I think him saying it has niggled hubby too. He didn't turn up yesterday, or last night, and to be honest, I would have thought more of him for doing so, but I know where I stand now, and I also know that it's a cold place out there when I'm this upset with someone (although I've never been this upset with someone, so I'm not sure just how cold it is, but I would imagine you'd need your thermal knickers on).

Another thing that rattled my cage at the weekend (yes, it continues - it was a good weekend, just a couple of muppets decided to rankle me - more fool them). Walking past a high street health shop was a sign saying that Coconut Oil and Tumeric (or Turmeric as my mother pronounces it, bless her) was a cure for Dementia. My mother walked in, with me behind because I don't like these things. She asked the woman behind the counter how it works. "Well it halts the illness and gets them back to normal" was the response. "How does it do this?" I asked. "Well I don't know, but it's something in the oil that makes it better" says she. Now I was already in bit of a mawdling with myself and this was just a red rag to a bull if I'm honest. "What dosage do you use?" was the next thing I asked. "Whey, usually people take about six teaspoons of it, but that depends on the height and weight of the individual." OK... now I'm getting slightly agitated. "How do you know the correct dosage for an individual then because not everyone is the same" says I. "I don't know" said she. "Is there any recognised tests that have been conducted with this miracle cure?" says I. "Well, if you go onto a reputable website on-line, then you'll be able to see what's been said about it. It hasn't had any proper tests conducted, but there's a lot of bumpf that says that it has helped". Now I'm not one to "pah" the ones that it has apparently helped, I'm really not - but to advertise it as a miracle cure is slightly presumptious when no recognised tests have been conducted (and if they were being conducted, it would be people like my husband that would be doing them). She was untaken with me, which in fairness I would have been the same with myself, but then I wasn't impressed with her either. "Would you like to buy some?" just finished me off. "If I thought for a moment that sitting eating Coconut Oil was going to cure my husband from Dementia, then I would have him sat infront of the tv eating it like it was Ben & Jerry's, so the answer to that is no thank you". 

My issue with these magical, miracle cures is not that they might or might not work, it's the fact they're being touted around as a magical, miracle cure without having any medical tests or input, and that the people that are selling them don't actually know how it's supposed to work, what it's supposed to do, and how you're supposed to take it. People with this illness can be vulnerable, and whilst these things might work for some, I imagine it to be like the medicines and they don't work for everyone. I don't like the idea of people ditching the medicines that help in favour of something that isn't proved to work and is just a fad until the next one comes along. I also think that if you're going to tout a product for such a reason, then you should at least have some knowledge other than saying "just gan an hae a look on the internet" because that just isn't good enough. Well I don't think so anyway.

On a happier note, my mum bought me a new lipstick and a super dooper frying pan, and I have to say, the frying pan is the frying pan of all frying pans, and the pancakes I made yesterday were the best I've ever made. Even the first one came out fan dabby dozy - and that has never, ever, ever happened before. So you see, even when the skies are cloudy and grey, just a frying pan can give me the chink of sunshine that is needed to make me smile. Sad, I know, but I just love that frying pan :o) xx


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