Foiled again...

03/07/2013 17:53

Well there I was, happy as a person can be with a new tin opener because the old one doesn't work, only to find that the new tin opener doesn't work either. Bang goes hubby's theory of not wanting to pay £5 for an Ikea one. Mr. Poundland Man - thank you for lulling me into the false sense of security that one of yours would work. Grandma's voice ringing in the back of my head "buy cheap, buy twice" certainly came to fruition. So now I have an old as the hills brand new tin opener at the grand price of £1.49 (see, slightly more expensive than the other one...) and does it work? Yes it does - you have no idea how happy this has made me, but you will be aware how sad it makes me sound that I'm cheerful over a working tin opener that cost less than £2 :o)

I kind of got myself into the land of the living this afternoon, having had Jeremy Kyle on the telly (that man is a legend, but where does he trawl to get the people that are happy to go on there and wash their dirty linen in public? Another Grandma saying lol). Sometimes I watch it just to make me feel better about the deck we've been dealt with in life, sometimes just for the OMG moments like "why aren't you wearing a bra on national television?...". Anyhoo, once almost in the land of the living and with him asking what I was planning to do today (nothing if you want the honest answer) I chirped "the cupboard under the stairs". Now then... this cupboard is where the hoover and the ironing board live. I have been hit on the head by the said ironing board (I've never liked ironing) and decided it needed pulled out and sorted. Out came the hoover. Out came the ironing board. Where the hell the motorbike boots, the tie that flashes for Christmas, the illuminous jackets (three of them I ask you) the waterproof trousers, the kagool, the guilotene, and the Australia road map came from I do not know. I didn't mind finding the Babylis curling tong or the ipod mini speakers - but seriously, I didn't put them there so who did? It appears when emptying the loft things that I had thought were thrown were placed in this cupboard under the stairs and upon going around the corner of the cupboard this is where they were all stacked (neatly??? out of view). No wonder the ironing board collapsed on me. The fact that the wheelie bin is full and I have ten days to wait for it to be emptied doesn't bother me. It's tidy there now and there's even enough space to walk about in it (albeit only a little bit), but I've hoovered and polished and washed and cleaned and although the cold isn't completely gone, I do feel all the better for having tackled it, and he's happy because he's seen me being productive - win, win :o)


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