God Bless my girls

10/05/2013 09:13

We're doing research on the Renaissance period for my 8 year old's homework. We decided to look at Leonardo de Vinci because he was a general alround genius. The Vetruvian Man is now on the Italian Euro coin and littley decided she'd draw said picture onto her project. We had a bit of a discussion about whether it would be appropriate or not to draw on the willy. We decided against it. (The conversations you have at the table doing homework...) Drawing away she pipes up "what about fugly mummy?" I responded by "what do you mean sweatheart?" "well, what are they again? I'm thinking about it for my picture". I replied that "fugly is a swearword poppet, and not something you should be saying". She looked at me incredulous and went "what? those things that Adam and Eve wear are a swearword, but it's in the Bible mummy." "OHHHHH, the word you are looking for is figleaves". The innocence of children ay? It did make me smile :o)


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