Going. Going. Gone...

31/08/2013 22:19

Well I wanted to ring the man last night but hubby said "no". We spent almost two hours with a tape measure in the kitchen, and umming and ahhhing, but no phone call was made. What was the phone call for? Hubby found a complete kitchen on Gumtree only 30 miles away for £100. It included all the cupboards, work surfaces, sink, dishwasher, gas hob and electric oven (don't even go there...). I wanted to ring last night, but oh no. I rang this morning and the man had someone going round to look at it. He would ring me when he knew if they were going to take it or not. Tick tock, tick tock and three and a half hours later he rang to say that they'd taken the cupboards and left the appliances. What was it we wanted? That would be the cupboards. Ahhh well. Bugger.

He then decided he'd go over to his brother to get some wood to make shelves for the cupboard that the old boiler used to sit in. Two hours later he returned with some lovely new benches. "Oooh" said I. "Instead of making shelves out of that, we could make it into the breakfast bar you wanted, the wood is so lovely". "What do I make the shelves out of then?" said he. "You could use the wood from the table, because we won't be using it when the breakfast bar is put in" says I. "Nah" was the response. So instead of using the lovely wood for something that will be visible, he's going to cut it up and put it in a cupboard where it won't be seen. More deep breathing.

"What's for tea tonight?" hubby asked. My response was chips. "But we've had them every night this week". "No we haven't. We had some last night, but the night before that it was rice, the night before that was pasta, the nights before that it was potatoes, and you wanted chicken pie and I have no potatoes, so it's either chips or I make something else." So we had chicken pie and they had chips. He couldn't remember what we've had for tea earlier in the week. That suprised me.

He's been back in the kitchen, after tea, with his tape measure (actually, it's my tape measure - he used his so much that it broke, so he's using my pink one instead) and then the saw came out, this is when I left the room, and half way through the X-Factor I heard electrical things being used, and I know it wasn't the blender. I made the decision not to go into the kitchen, because if I had I would probably have flipped and this would have set him off and the fall out wouldn't have been worth it. I would have gone in if CPR was needed, but it wasn't. I'm not even sure what wood he was cutting because I still have a table.

He tried explaining to the girls why Keith Lemon wears a bandage on his wrist. I was making a coffee at the time and had to run through to the living room to stop the explanation. "Why does he wear a bandage mummy?" was asked by Littley. "Because his wrist is sore" was my response, and it was left at that. Please don't let this be the start of having to vet his conversations or stop him mid way because of the inappropriateness. The girls are really good though because they look at me and I just have to say "that's rude" and they go "ahhhh" and turn back to what they were doing. It's as if they use ignoring as a way to stop daddy saying rude things. It works.

When hubby was first ill, he was on the go 24/7. He was tired but he didn't realise it. He couldn't switch off. It was constant, and I don't know how he managed because I was exhausted just watching him. We seem to be back to that. He is slogging away, barely sitting down, barely sleeping but on the go constantly. The sad thing is is that there really doesn't seem to be much to show for the amount of "busying" he's doing. I know he had a better night's sleep last night, and the reason for that is because I had a better night's sleep. When he doesn't I don't, but I don't know if all of these little niggles he's having is because he's starting to stress about his driving licence. I'll just have to wait and see, because I don't think he's going to like what's said on Thursday - to the point where he told me last night "that if ****** the nurse doesn't shut up and doesn't stop her doom and gloom and negativity, I am going to tell Dr. ******* that I don't want her in the appointments and that I won't see her again". He thinks it's the nurse that doesn't want him driving. He needs someone to blame if he doesn't get his licence renewed, and fortunately for me (but not her) it's the nurse that's getting the blame - at the moment.


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