Got to keep those plates spinning...

11/06/2013 23:20

Hmmmm. Where to start? There's so much going on at the moment and there's no rhyme nor reason to most of it.

I must admit to finding the past week or so a tad knackering. I could sleep at the drop of a hat (if I was allowed lol), but it's not a physical tiredness, it's a mental one and I can't really explain why. He's in a cantankerous fettle at the moment. I can't do right for doing wrong. I'm trying to sort out issues for biggey and littlie, middley is having her moments, the car is hardly here, I'm trying to sort out the garden and whilst you would think that if nobody was in the house there would be less housework to do you would think wrong.

Littlie's hair is still falling out, bless her. We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow so I might know a little bit more then. Y'know, I think it would be easier to deal with just her hair falling out (which is devastating enough) but then I thought about her eyebrows and eyelashes and I'm choosing not to go down the stress of worrying about what might not happen route, because I just think that might tip me over the edge at the moment.

Biggey is having an issue with a child at school, but I've been on the phone to them and had the "very polite but taking no crap mummy" hat on. That seemed to work. It worked for littlie the other day and blow me, I wouldn't want to be the little girl that has been giving littlie grief. "You are under no circumstances to knock on littlie's door. She does not want to play with you because you are being so mean to her and her mummy is very upset (annoyed would have been more accurate but I'm not going to deduct points for it) with you". I did notice said little girl sticking close to her mother yesterday during sports day - wise move little girl.

Yesterday was sports day. I had the shopping to do. I had nothing, and this is no exageration, in the house to eat. All that was in the cupboards was things that you add to food, but nothing you could do anything with. I knew time was going to be tight, so I was ready as soon as the girls left the house for school. Hubby decided he was going to come - which I thought was nice. He decided this when he was still in bed at 9.15am. Patiently I told him that if he was planning on coming he would need to get up before we could go out. Still being patient (although it was starting to wear thin) I heard the shower go on. It was 10.15am. Count to 10. At 10.45 we managed to leave. My stress levels were orbiting, but there's no point saying anything because "Why are you stressed? There's plenty of time" would be the response. A twenty five minute drive there and back makes 50 minutes (obviously - sorry x) which means I have precious little time to get around the supermarket without factoring in the time it takes to put it away, make lunch, and leave the house to get to the school to watch the sports day, because if I don't go all hell will break loose with middley because I had said I would be there. Now add to the mix that hubby decided he wanted to go to a different shop before going to the supermarket. OMG. I was losing the will to live. Time means nothing to him. My stress level was through the roof. I threw the shopping away, made lunch. Told him I'd wash the lunch dishes when I got back and made it with one minute to spare.

It continues...

Last night we were flicking through the tv channels. Occasionally he points out things that I might like to see. It's interesting the things he points out. The other night it was Pretty Woman. He put it on for me. Last night it was Coyote Ugly. He put it on for me. I like those films, but so does he. They're films we watched together when we were at the beginning of the "Hubby and Constantly Trying show". We have seen them many, many times to the point where we know the words before they say them. Last night he said he'd never seen the whole film - he has, almost as many times as me. We even watched the film at the cinema on a date night (what are they?) when it first came out. He can't remember this. "You're making that up". I left it, but it suprised me. Hubby forgets things from the now, but this was a forget from the back then. This is new. We are having conversations over and over and over and over (that's over and over) again. Either that or he's ignoring me, sorry - that should read "not listening", but before now there has never been a forget of a memory that was years and years ago. 

On a funny note - and I am not ashamed to say that I found it funny. Before leaving to go shopping hubby decided to shave his hair (I know, I'd about given up at this point). He'd been given a set of clippers because his were about packed in. They were working intermittently so another set was needed. I was in the living room when he commented that he didn't think the second pair were working properly. I said to him that I thought he should leave it for now and that we would get him a new pair if we ever managed to leave the house and get to the shops. All was fine. Then I heard "I'm in a predicament... I'm in a predicament... I'm in a predicament..." and heard him pacing the passage at the bottom of the stairs. I went through to see what the matter was. He hadn't left the clippers, but started to clip his hair. The predicament was that the clippers had stopped working. With only one side of his hair cut. Dear God, if you'd seen it. Panicking (me, but not letting on) incase the original clippers wouldn't last long enough to cut the remainder of his hair and he'd have a hair cut like a set of steps until I'd replaced them was starting to flit through my mind - glass half empty?... I'm relieved to say that we managed to eek the original pair into life long enough to get his hair cut, but the sigh of relief was audible lol. You'll never guess what he found when we were in the supermarket... A set of hairclippers. £80 down to £30 - result :o)

Oooh - before I forget. Hubby has decided he's got the car tomorrow. What about littlie's doctor appointment I asked. "Walk" was the response. Now I have to fit in a forty minute walk there and a forty minute walk back into an already running about like a headless chicken kind of day... Huge sigh, and rant over xx


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