Groundhog Day.

10/07/2013 13:17

Yesterday was a continution of the previous day, and today doesn't appear to be being any different.

I insisted that a dentist see hubby yesterday and I was reluctantly given an appointment. It was a different dentist, which I think was a blessing, and she didn't even look in hubby's mouth. Now, whilst I'm a smilie, happy person who is polite and thinks manners cost nothing, I was not impressed. Mentioning their duty of care, politely of course, I was told that him just sitting in the chair was said duty of care. I told them that something had to be done because I wasn't taking him home until something was done (brave of me I thought - but the relief on hubby's face when I said this was worth having said it). I said that the pain he was in was unbearable and whilst I understood that things can go wrong and that I wasn't cross about that, I was not happy with them doing nothing to repair or fix the situation. She left the room to go and get the dentist he had seen previously (probably for a cigarette and a gin - such was my demenour) and returned with another dentist because the original one refused to come in to see hubby. Now this dentist was completely different. She looked inside hubby's mouth, and just looked because that was all he could manage. Her face was a picture. She turned around to the nurse and ordered a prescription for some heavy duty painkillers and under her breath commented to the other dentist about the state of his tooth (the remaining root). She also told me that he couldn't wait until the 6th August (no kidding Sherlock) and that she was going to ring the hospital herself to speak to a colleague and try and get something done sooner, and that it would have to be done there because he would need sedated (again, no kidding Sherlock). She was lovely and true to her word I had a phonecall from her this morning saying that she's still waiting to get an earlier appointment at the hospital, but she wanted to see hubby on Friday to see if things are any better or not - but I'm wondering if it's because the knock out painkillers will run out on Friday and he might have to have some more issued. Regardless, she has instilled some faith in me because not only has she done what she said she would do, but she's keeping an eye on him. Phew.

I took the girlies to the beach yesterday afternoon and after visiting my sister-in-law I said I would take her two girls too. What a lovely, lovely hour and a half we had. They laughed and shouted and ran about and because hubby was with his sister the girls had their swimming costumes on and got as wet as they wanted. It was lovely and eldest niece said thank you because she'd actually had fun (actually had fun, as in she'd come but wasn't expecting too lol - point to aunty Constantly Trying).

Hubby then decided we'd visit his parents. So we visited his parents. Now we have to be home for me to leave the house at 6.30pm to get Biggey to cadets. At pm I asked to leave because I still had tea to make. At 5.20pm I was begging. We got home at 5.50pm and I made Chicken Chow Mein, it was the easiest and "cue"uickest thing I could think to make from scratch and at 6.15 they had their tea. I made it into the shower, dried hair, had make-up on and was ready to leave at 6.30pm. Dear God, I remember a time when I used to take a couple of leisurely hours getting ready. I can do it in 15 mins flat now, but I wouldn't want to do it again for a long time - the pressure LOL.

I must admit that last night I slept like the dead. A tornado could have occured at the bottom of the bed and I wouldn't have noticed. I dragged my carcass out of bed this morning still listening to the panic box saying "you are not connected to the phone line". I wouldn't mind but it's two days of this woman now and it's every five minutes. I rang up the panic box people to ask if there was anything I could do that wouldn't have police, fire, ambulance, RNLI, helicopters and the armed forces turning up at my door - it wouldn't suprise me if they had turned up for coffee this morning. So now that that's disconnected and her voice isn't rattling around my head I rang talktalk. Now on Monday they told me there was no fault. Yesterday morning they set all calls to the house to my mobile and told me it would take 48hrs to sort the issue. Today I've been told it's 72 hours. I still don't know what the fault is, but I don't really care anymore. How I have internet or even the talktalk tv which works off the internet without having a phone line I do not know, but whilst the internet and the tv is working hubby is happy, it's only when these go belly up that I'll ring talktalk and give them the same as the dentist got lol.

So I'm going to go and have some lunch now, seeing as all I had yesterday was a scone at his mum's house and a chocolate Freddo at cadets, and come to think of it I've had no breakfast either... I will be slim... Oh - my tea from last night is there. I might go and have that. Honestly, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. 


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