Guess What?

23/07/2013 11:12

Oh my God, the excitement in this house is palpable. You're not going to believe thise because I nearly didn't. Hubby has a cancellation at the dentist's at 4pm this afternoon. Shock. Wow. Phew. This means that we can go on holiday at the weekend without him having toothache. The sigh was audible lol.

I've also ordered the dog cage, so that's due here on Thursday or Friday because I didn't order it to arrive tomorrow because we have a dr's appointment and if I'm not in when it arrives then who knows when we'd get it... I've also just remembered that Biggey has her clothes with her as civvies at camp, and she gets back on Friday to go on holiday on Saturday. This means I'm going to be like Widow Twanky from when she gets home, and I haven't been given and E.T.A. for that yet, so Friday is going to be manic.

On a happy note I've lost 1.5 stone - YAY. I think it's all this walking about I'm doing, well when I say walking about I mean crawling on my hands and knees in this heat lol. I'll be honest with you, I'm actually enjoying the walking. Maybe not at the bottom of the hill, but when I get home I feel all the better for having done it, and then I'm not having huge portions because I don't want to undo the good work I've done from the walking. It won't be long before I look like a baby Elephant rather than it's mum... :o)

Tomorrows dr's appointment usually causes hubby to get a bit wound up, but that doesn't seem to be happening (touch wood) because the pain he's been in with his mouth has been a distraction. Also, he now has this afternoon's dentist appointment to get through. For a big man he hates anything like the dentist, he's useless with needles, and he knows he's going to have to be sedated, so that's taking the nerves away from tomorrow. Fingers crossed it all goes well and he doesn't end up with a full set of dentures...


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