Headless Chicken of a weekend...

15/07/2013 16:55

Apologies for absence. It really annoys me when I go a day or two without writing. This time it's been about time constraints, not because I've hit a wall or anything.

It started with another dentist appointment where they aren't supposed to give more than one dose of painkillers, but relented because of the state of hubby's mouth and the fact he's in so much pain. It was actually the girlies dentist that was drafted in by the lovely blonde lady that last prescribed him, and he had a look in his mouth and at his x-ray (if only the original one had done the x-ray check thingy and we might not be in this predicament now...) and said that he would need more and to hurry the lady already hurrying to try and get him a hospital appointment. Needless to say, we're still waiting for an emergency appointment (I have visions of getting an appointment when we're on holiday in a fortnight - think it's something called "Sod's Law"...).

Friday night was horrific with his mood swings, to the point that we left him in the sitting room to eat his mushed up tea (we're still not onto solid food due to mouth) and closed the door so that he couldn't shout at any of us. This left him with the remote, so he could watch what he wanted to watch and put him in a better mood. The funny thing is that he's always in control of the remote and he always watches what he wants to see - but I wasn't arguing with him.

On Saturday it was more moods because of mouth (God I hate the original dentist), biggey was due to go to camp and it was a manic pack of the old kit bag, although I don't know why because we'd packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked due to hubby wanting to know what was in the kit bag. He decided on Saturday morning that he wanted her to have "one of those bags that look like a sausage". Could I for the love of me work out what he meant. No I couldn't. This caused frustration, for both him and myself, and it wasn't until he said "it's like the one Uncle Albert has on Only Fools and Horses" that I knew what he meant. It was a light bulb moment for both of us - he meant a duffle bag (or I think that's what it's called). Another trip out of the house to head to the army surplus store and a duffle bag (or words to that effect) was purchased. Home again, home again jiggedy, jig to unpack the hold-all and pack the new duffle bag. Lunch was a blur and off I took Biggey to catch the bus for camp. The bus was almost an hour late and he was in a fowl mood so I wasn't sure what I was going to come home to, but instead of it being another broken hoover I discovered my brother. Phew. That had kept him occupied, and all it cost me was the extra meal at tea time, but I could cope with that because he was chatty and a distraction to hubby.

Tea time came and passed and we had a peaceful evening. I discovered a hairbrush in the living room that shouldn't have been there, and have a sneaky suspicion that it was supposed to be in the kit bag Biggey took with her, but she must be being kept occupied because she hasn't replied to my text asking her if she had one - although I'm sure I saw a little hairbrush in her toiletry bag so not worrying about this too much.

At bed time I'd let the dog out, but hubby said he hadn't been out long enough so I told the unwilling animal to go back outside and shut the door as per hubby's instructions. I came and switched everything off and was lying in bed for a couple of minutes before hubby came up. He got himself sorted for bed and then asked where the dog was (he's always on the bed before either of us). No dog to be seen anywhere. "Have you let him in?" was my next comment... "Swear word, swear word, swear word" was all I heard as he trundled down the stairs to let the dog in... sure enough, the dog was on the bed before hubby had made it to the bottom of the stairs. Wrong I know, but I did have a silent giggle about this lol.

Sunday was a manic but peaceful morning. He didn't get up until about 11.30am, but he needed the sleep big style so I just pottered about downstairs. He got up and decided that he was taking the car for new tyres for our holiday. Huge sigh. He also decided that he wanted the hand break checked (nothing wrong with it) and the air conditioning sorted (can't we just open the windows and save money?). So lunch was made hurridely so we could go and do this before going to our niece's birthday.

Now I have mentioned that he's not in a particularly good mood at the moment haven't I? He busied himself by cutting the grass, and this was all good. Where it kind of fell down a bit was when his mother kept asking him things, giving her opinion and defending her opinion when he was telling her to be silent (or words to that effect). Tea was interesting when she started on about his mouth and how he should be careful about the painkillers he was taking. This started into a rant about the nhs and how they should be expected to take a course that lasts longer than two day on the open university. Being a retired nurse herself this then brought her into a defence of the nhs. What she should have done, and much to mine, my father-in-law and sister-in-law's insistence was just to stay "cue"uiet, but no. On and on and on his rant went that started off ungarbled but that rapidly unravelled and swear words that I don't imagine his mother has heard before were involved and directed at her, and at this point there's nothing I can do or say to prevent or distract him. She was white as a ghost at having been spoken to by him like that and he was in full rant until sister-in-law provided him with an ice-cream (good thinking batman) and the rant dissapated. Calm returned.

The only thing that could have eclipsed this tyrade of abuse was possibly some-one throwing a tennis ball and it landing smack, bang on the nose of the birthday girl. Who could have done such a thing? That would be me... honest to God, can nothing go right? Bless her, it was horrific and I had expected blood and guts and gore and at worst a broken nose, but no, she sucked it up, cried alot and then went to check in the mirror. I have rung today to check that she has no bruises (thankfully non) and then asked if everyone was alive (wouldn't want to kill anyone by being incharge of the hot grill - you know I want to say b-b-"cue" but that "cue" button is the bain of my life), and they are, so no damage done, but I forbidding anyone taking a tennis ball on our holiday, mainly for their safety, not mine lol).


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