Heaven only knows.

12/09/2013 07:55

Today the shelves are going to continue to taunt hubby. I think his friend is coming over to help him with them, although I'm not sure, and my mother is coming up for a visit - although I haven't mentioned that to him because he's in such an awful fettle with me that it's never been a good time to drop that bomb shell.

He is niggly, narky, bad tempered, saying horrid things and then "yoohoo" hubby's back and he's lovely and twinkly and smilie and saying nice things and I must admit to being a tad confused by what's coming when and in what manner.

I now have my mobile, which means that I can ring his nurse when I pop out for a bottle of milk, or something. I just think he's doing way too much. He's lost the "off" switch, which is what we had at the beginning. He's doing things right through the many, many hours he's awake, and if he's moving about then I should be moving about. I have not lost the "off" switch, and am going to bed completely knackered. That and the fact his alarm clock goes for an hour before needing to be up has me exhausted before I even get out of bed.

I tidied upstairs yesterday. I was in our bedroom, putting things away, tidying up, dusting etc, etc and I got a round of applause from him. What brought about this show of impressment? I'd made the bed. I'd done nothing else, but I'd made the bed. "You were asleep. I know you were asleep. You are lazy, so you must have been asleep" and so on and so forth.

He's having a lie in at the moment, which is why I can type, but dear Lord I just don't know what the day is going to bring. I'm expecting him to be lovely because there are people to put on a show for, but the fact that he's at home and is comfortable here might mean that he doesn't bother to put the show on. It might be a downward spiral from the moment he gets up, but you never know. It might not.

I have been absolutely lost without my phone. I've felt like I've had no contact with anyone, not through anyone's fault - it's my own. All of my contacts were on there. I'm adding to them as I get them, but I'm making a point of saving everything to sim because this has been rediculous. I also don't like answering the phone if I don't know who they are because if they have my mobile number then it's someone that I'm happy to talk to. Also, hubby has to know exactly who's ringing etc and I seem to be being bombarded with charity calls and PPI calls - on my mobile. I'm getting there though. I've got Twitter back on it, so I can tweetle away without getting wrong for being on the laptop. Mind, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I'm never doing the right thing, I'm always a job or two behind myself.

So fingers crossed. Lets hope today is an ok day. Even if it's just until Emmerdale is on and I can distract him with that. x


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