Here I go again on my own d'huh d'huh d'huh d'huh

23/05/2013 21:30

I love that Whitesnake song. Today has been out of the norm completely. I can't really go into details, not because I'm not going to but because I need to think through how I'm going to deal with it first. A workman's incompetence has had a knock on effect with stress and distress of hubby and he's sitting stewing and working himself up about it. I have to remain calm (although I want to blow a gasket) because if I do it compounds the stress for him. Let me just say that the poor man coming to the house tomorrow does not know what he's walking into - and I mean the work he has to face and also me.

I'm lovely (I think...), I treat people how I would like to be treated, I speak how I would like to be spoken to, but try to make me look foolish and whoa betide you, especially when it's having the knock on effect with hubby that it has done.

He's gotten himself into a tizz so practically nothing has been done today. I've tidied the bedrooms, made lunch and tea, done dishes and that's about it. The rest of the time I've been trying to keep him calm. The fact that I'm not ranting and raving does not bode well for the man coming to the house tomorrow. When I'm ranting and raving all is well. When I'm calm and silent... the same can't be said lol.

I try to keep things calm. I try to be two steps ahead of ourselves all the time to keep things calm. I preempt situations. I work like buggery to make it look like a swan is gliding effortlessly across the lake only to be peddling away like billio under the water and then some ball comes hurtling towards me from left field and well, I look like a hippopotomus flailing around in a mud pit. Ah well, let's see what tomorrow brings... 


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