He's back - again.

21/08/2013 13:12

It seems that "other hubby" is back again. Now I know the kitchen isn't helping and he's worrying himself about the gas pipe and stressing about having a man in to do it (after the shoddy workmen that put the heating in and caused this issue in the first place) but it seems that on the back of this my "other hubby" is home.

I was right the other day when I commented about how I think that the scent of things is what's making him think that I'm not doing any housework. Last night I had a tirade of a rant about how little I'm doing around the house. He said that he could "smell clean, and this house doesn't smell clean". Apparently it smells foosty - although I don't know how because I've upped the scents that I'm using around the house. I actually got told "f**k you" last night which is completely out of character for him. He doesn't like swearing, he thinks it's uncooth, especially in women - "it makes them common", which I must admit I like about him because it shows a gentlemanly attitude. Yet the swearing at me is allowed. I got it again this morning. Yes it was prior to his meds and first coffee of the morning, but it starts in bed and is lasting about twenty minutes and then "could you make me another coffee?" in a polite "my hubby" way.

It's very confusing, and I'm putting it down to him being tired and the cramps keeping him awake, and the fact he can't remember taking the money out of the bank and him worrying about money and the cooker and anything else that I can't think of, but it all seems to be chipping away at him. I think of it like a sculpture making the perfect statue and then an undersculpture (is that even a word) that comes along behind them and chips away at bits until the sculpture (hubby) is not recognisable.

I have the kitchen spick and span and all of the chairs are in the living room (hubby has a thing about chairs that would make Peter Kaye's "Emergency chairs" routine look like small fry). I've got the polish out and I'm dousing them in this polish, to the point where I have a door and windows open and I keep catching my breath. I've bought a Toilet Duck for the bathroom to use instead of a rim block because I think that will have a stronger scent and I think that I'm going to have to get one of those air freshners that spray intermitently so that the scent is in the air constantly. I used to be big on scented candles, but since Biggey knocked wax down the wall, I've been banned from having them, even having to bin a couple of my beautiful candle holders to keep him happy - which was upsetting.

I've ferried him out today so that he's not here when the gas man is because I thought it would be easier for the gas man, but he'll come home tonight and won't be happy with the work - I can see it now. I'm hoping the gas man isn't too much longer because I'm wanting it done before he gets home. I'm also thinking that a proper home cooked tea, from scratch, will cheer him up because he's not a baked potato man for tea - "that's a lunch", and it didn't go down too well last night.

I'm getting wrong for a lot of things at the moment. I think if he doesn't see me do things, he doesn't think they're done, but seriously, other than when I'm writing these ramblings I'm doing housework, and you get to a point when you're just doing it for the sake of it. I have an ironing pile from yesterday that I want done this afternoon, but that's another thing that when it's put away he won't know it's been done. It's a no win situation and one I'm not dealing with properly. I need to put more thought into this one, which is disappointing because I thought I had sussed it out with the smell. Yet using the stronger scents and him complaining about the house smelling foosty, it obviously isn't working - although this polish has almost got me to a state of halucination lol.

If I could knock the cramps in his legs on the head I think that might help. I gave him Tonic water last night because that is supposed to help - but didn't, and tonight I think I'll give him a hot water bottle to see if that helps. Lack of sleep always seems to be what brings "other hubby" to the house, so maybe - just maybe, if I can do something there "other hubby" might let "my hubby" back for a bit - I think it would be as much of a blessed relief for hubby as it would be for me. Fingers crossed x


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