He's back - I think.

06/07/2013 23:09

I have had a lovely week with hubby. No arguments, no ranting from, no horrid things said and than kaboom tonight he just seemed to turn the light switch on and all hell breaks loose.

We had a lovely afternoon today, the sun was shining, we went food shopping via other shops, he bought himself a pair of shorts and a waistcoat and he bought me a red top which is lovely and he even offered to buy the watch that I had said I liked - I said no because it was too much money and I didn't think it would last. We went around buying bits and bobs to fill the fridge and freezer because he said that for all they'll have eaten like kings this week, they'll come home starving. He picked chicken to have as our roast dinner tomorrow night and he even put two bottles of wine in the trolley so that we could enjoy them tonight, a bit of a romantic evening whilst it's just the two of us in the house. The bottles of wine are on sitting on the bench now, untouched, unopened and not drank and he's gone to bed saying that I'm only after his money, that I do nothing, that the house is a tip and that I need to pull my finger out if I'm to stay.

What makes this transformation of my lovely husband into this man that I just don't like? What is it that I say or do, or don't do that makes him dislike me so much? He speaks with a snear on his face and looks like he's tasted something nasty when he talks to me. 

I have got everything to make him a full English tomorrow morning. It's all organised and ready to go, but what the response to this will be is just anyone's guess. You have to ignore the horrid side and pretend it didn't happen,  or wasn't said or it starts all over again, and it's still my fault for continuing something that he just doesn't give a toss about, or even remember. "You bring it on yourself" and all that.

I'm hoping that a good night's sleep will put him in a good mood, because the girls are desperate to see him and I'd be really upset, and they will be too if he continues this mood tomorrow.

I know I said our life isn't a ride on the teacups - but come on, even a turn on the whaltzers would make a nice change to this rollercoaster.


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