18/07/2013 12:48

I was up at the crack of dawn so I could take Biggey to the hospital to get another x-ray. There's no bones broken or fractured, but she's still in a lot of pain so they've left the splint on and she's taking pain killers. She can go back to camp according to them but I need to see what they say at camp. I'm expecting a "no" because of the pain killers, but they're not babysitters up there, so I completely understand if it is a "no".

Next, I rang the dentist department of the same hospital. The lady I need to speak to isn't in today so they'll ring me tomorrow, but they don't think hubby will be seen before the original date given of the 6th August... he's still in a huge amount of pain, chewing more painkillers - smithkline must love us, really love us, and is grumpy because of it. We go on holiday on the 27th July, and I was half expecting an appointment to arrive for that week, but it doesn't look like it.

We're tripping over kit bags, bergans and new kit but I'm not putting it away until I know she can't go back in a couple of days (not that they'll be lying about for a couple of days, I should know by the end of today), but I'm not holding my breath. Unfortunately, even though they're camouflaged they're still mightily visible - but that's probably not a bad thing, as then at least we'll see them before someone trips over them and we end up with another trip to the hospital...


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