Honorary girlie.

02/07/2013 10:23

Well yesterday had it's ups and downs. He came with me to take Biggey down to my dad's and told me that I was either allowed to go on girlie afternoon with my sister but he was coming, or I wasn't allowed to go. I had been looking forward to a couple of hours with my sister and was really upset by this ultimatum. He came with us and I was so upset - not because he was there but because of the ultimatum given. He controls it all and even on something that had been planned for weeks he still holds the strings.

It turns out that it was a lovely afternoon. I think, and my sister mentioned it too, that he didn't want to be on his own. That he didn't want to not be with me. It sounds silly, but it made sense. We had the hoover incident on Sunday when I was out for 2hrs and I just wonder if he's realising that he doesn't want to be left because he doesn't know how he's going to behave. Another dip.

We went everywhere. My sister bought a bed, much to his having fun bouncing on matresses. We stopped for many coffees, I thought it would be a good idea because he couldn't smoke with it being the MetroCentre so stopping caffeine would not be a good idea - he drinks a lot of coffee, much to my trying to cut it down. We went round shops he normally would have hated but he had a whale of a time, trying to buy bras was a pain because he didn't like the ones I wanted and I wouldn't wear the ones he liked. We went round and round shoe shops looking for trainers for him for him to not like any "they're either old man trainers trying to look young and hip or they're too trendy and I don't like addidas (sorry addidas). He put his foot down on going to the cinema, he would wait whilst we went and have a wander, and we could find him afterwards - no he didn't have his phone on him, but it's not that big a place to find him afterwards... the MetroCentre? You could lose someone in a shop. I think it was the noise of the cinema that put him off, he's never been a fan of the cinema, but the volume of the sound is just too much for him now, so we went to more shoe shops with the same issues occuring lol. We went for a late lunch at a Chinese buffet and we certainly made the most of "eat all you can", to the point that we still haven't had anything since and it's now nearly lunchtime on the following day. We went to Ikea and he helped little sis pick out candles and refused to pay £5 for a tin opener (thank you poundland for having one for £1 - funnily enough lol). He saw a tv unit that he liked and would have bought but I suggested we wait until after our holiday - it was lovely though. Words came out back to front and upside down but it didn't matter because we just subsituted the correct ones in their place and he didn't feel like he was being laughed at.

There were times in the car when he asked if he was in the right lane or taking the right road, and for him being my little satnav, this is the first time he's done it. "We never got lost today" was his comment at the end of the afternoon, well we did - we took a couple of wrong roads and missed a slip lane, but it didn't matter because we "righted" it, and didn't make an issue of it. He dropped his baccy tin in the car twice. He doesn't drop things. He might throw them but he doesn't drop them. He just said he thought he'd caught the tin with the polish when he was cleaning the car with my brother - baccy tin stays in his pocket, but we just agreed.

It was a lovely afternoon, as it turned out, and we all enjoyed it. We spent very little and looked at lots and he spoke to my brother on the phone saying "Constantly Trying could have had anything she wanted, I didn't stop her, I would have bought it for her, but she didn't want anything and didn't ask for anything" - which I thought was lovely of him.

Today is going to be a calm day - fingers crossed. I'm going to get my head round this ancient all singing all dancing hoover (or vacuum as I should call it), get the duster out and the washing machine going and he'll be in seventh heaven. Thinking about it, I might make some lunch because my tummy's starting to rumble a little :o)


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