Hubby was back today :o)

21/05/2013 21:22

It's littley's birthday today, and hubby "was back". I'm so happy that he was lovely, warm and smiling today. She had a friend around for tea, a party is a no no because of the noise level, and he sat in the living room whilst they had their party tea (staying away from the noise). When I told littley that she could have a friend for tea her first remark was "but I'm not allowed friends at home". I told her that it was daddy's idea and that he was the one that said it was ok. Her response to this was her face lighting up in the biggest smile and "That is so kind of daddy. Isn't that lovely of him."

I'm so knackered today. I've baked like Nigella, and the funny thing is when you looked at the party table you wouldn't have thought it. I've hoovered like a demon, once with the hoover and then with the nozzle (him and his funny ways...), I've polished like billio (only for him to tell me I've used the wrong polish and have him show me how to do it correctly with the correct polish). I've washed, I've cleaned, I've done skirting boards, I've hoovered curtain rails, I've made coffees - generally just a normal day. I'm coming to the conclusion that when I'm baking he's in a better mood. I don't know if it's because he can see me being busy so I am busy (where as with housework you can't see it's been done because you're doing it before it needs done, bless his little cleaning OCD...), or whether it's because he likes what I'm baking (he would never tell you he enjoyed it lol) or whether it reminds him of being little and his mum and granny baking. Anyway, I don't mind baking if it gives me a reprieve from the constant nagging and insults. It's also been warmer today so it might be that his knees haven't hurt him so much today - the cold and the damp make his knees sore and lock.

Anyway. For as much as I whinge about the bad days, today has been a lovely one.

He's now sitting at his laptop googling pubs for sale... He fancies running one - but at least it's a change from moving to the Orkney Isles.... and he's "cue"uiet, so I think I'll make us a coffee and I might just have a left over egg mayonnaise sandwhich :o)

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