Hubby's knackered

16/07/2013 18:04

Hubby's come home and I don't think he can tell his behind from his elbow. He's sitting in the garden talking to our neighbour and dear me, it's a hard conversation for neighbour. Hubby is so tired that he's only speaking when he has to and the poor bugger next door is having to do all the chatting. An early night for hubby me thinkst, and to be honest, I don't think I'll be far behind him.

I hate it when they're not about. I feel like I'm such a spare part and twiddle my thumbs, that and the fact today has been close and overcast and it's neither been one thing or another. It's usually on days like today that I come to life later and go around doing housework like a woman on a mission, but tonight I think I could cheerfully sit on the setee and just do nothing - if he'll let me. I'm missing Biggey too. For all they can drive me to distraction, I like having them about and when one of them isn't here (or all three) I feel like I have a limb missing. Then the other thought hits me... "think of the washing I'll have to do when she gets home" lol.

I'm making tea at the moment and have no enthusiasm for it at all. I'm not even hungry, but Middley's just asked when it will be so I have a golden half hour before it has to be served. It was home made pizza last night, and it was a huge success, but it's rice tonight so I'm not sure what the reaction to that will be, mind, if they're hungry they'll eat it ;o).

Hopefully a good night's sleep will have me turbo charged for the morning :o)


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