I can see oncoming train coming...

15/06/2013 17:00

I'd thought that I'd planned tonight to a "T". I had thought wrong. The plans were for hubby to be home and have tea before the extra kiddlypops arrived so that he could go to his friends this evening whilst they're running around making a noise and be in bed for him coming back. Well, that was the plan. Silly me. He's now coming home at 7.30pm so I'll be making tea as children are here and then he'll be home whilst they're running around. They say if you tell God your plans you'll give him a laugh - he must be in hysterics right now. I now have hungry children because he's got tea in the back of the car and the rest will be fed when I make tea and that oncoming train that is mayhem is hurtling towards me with it's lights flashing and it's whistle blowing and I don't have a pair of knickerbockers to take off and waft about furiously to try and stop it. 


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