Interesting night...

04/07/2013 10:36

The girls aren't here, they're at my dad's and hubby's mood has been completely different. He has me all to himself and isn't "fighting" anyone for attention. Yes he's a bit more forgetful, and conversations can be one sided, but it's been like a breath of fresh air. His moods have been lighter and he's got a bit of sparkle back in his eyes.

Last night we went to bed to watch UndercoverBoss. He watched this but was restless. This does my head in lol. You can get comfy and then he just moves one of your limbs so that he can get comfy. I know it's wrong, but it did make me think of that tv programme last week about men who like dolls instead of women, if I'm not in the right position, he'll just shift me regardless of whether it's comfy for me or not. Once the programme was finished he channel hopped - now the reason for going to bed early was so that he could be up early, but dear me he tossed and turned and couldn't decide on a programme and then decided he was going to roll over and go to sleep. Phew. Peace at last. That's what I thought anyway... he started chuntering. Yessing and Noing and mumbling under his breath. "What are you saying?" said I... "Well they won't shut up and they keep talking to me" was his response. "Who is?" said I. "The voices". Here we go... now I think he was teasing and trying to wind me up - and it worked, it scared the bejeezers out of me, but I didn't argue with him. I just left him muttering whilst trying to get to sleep myself - if he was teasing me I wasn't going to bite, and if he wasn't teasing me there's no point saying there's no-one there because that will just annoy him. Chuntering and muttering away to himself (?) he gave out an exhasperated gasp and went "it's not easy getting to sleep when you've got one person at your head, one at the bottom of the bed and one lying next to you". At this point, with the thought of "someone" lying between hubby and me I got up to have a glass of water. I also thought that this might give him a chance to a) settle down and hopefully fall asleep when I'm in the kitchen or b) distract him from winding me up. Ten mins later I came back to bed to see Lily Savage's Blankety Blank on the tv and him almost asleep. Now that I was on ghoulie alert I had to channel hope to distract me from the possibility of someone being in the middle of the bed lol, and it's strange how being an adult I reverted into "don't look into the mirror incase there's someone that's not you looking back at you" horror movie spooked I was - which is funny in the light of day but last night I kept all limbs under the covers incase a hand came out from under the bed LOL. Rediculous I know.

Today, whilst enjoying the peace of hubby being at his friends (although I say peace, I find it unsettling - I don't know why, I think it's just that I'm used to him being here, and the girls aren't here either so I'm kind of left to my own devices and I'm so unused to this that I really don't know what to do with myself when it does happen) I'm going to go into the bedroom and deep clean it. Do the windows, wash the sheets and duvet covers, dust and polish and use my ancient new fandangled hoover in there, put things back into the girls room that have somehow made their way into mine - I'm sure they move things in when they're using my hairdryer, and maybe even go into their rooms to see if I can return things that belong to me that have found their way into their rooms lol. Exciting stuff ay? I told you I don't know what to do with myself when left to my own devices. It appears that I have caught hubby's cleanliness/cleaning OCD, but thought of getting into freshly washing powder scented sheets tonight - bliss. I might even add a couple of drops of Lavender Oil to aid hubby's sleeping, or if that fails, mine ;o) xx


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