Kind of a lovely day.

29/08/2013 21:06

Isn't it funny how Dementia works? Today has blown me out of the water. He's been lovely. I've had hubby home today :o).

He looked in the cupboards to see what was for lunch and they were empty. What did he do? He took me to the shops. He only wanted dog bags, that's the only thing that was on his list, but he spent a fortune. The thing that made me smile, but inwardly weep, was when he said "it's alright, you can pay me back on Monday"... I haven't bought chocolate biscuits for months. I haven't even bought non chocolate biscuits for months. You'd think he'd put those month worth of biscuits in the trolley... This is why I don't go shopping with hubby. Don't even get me started on the amount of cleaning products that were put in the trolley. I sneaked a Febreeze smelly thing into the trolley, and it's now in the living room scenting the air with a lovely "clean smell" - not that I'm sneaky or anything lol.

We had a laugh and a giggle and he bought a toilet brush stand that holds a toilet roll. This took almost an hour to build - it should have only taken ten minutes, but a trip to the garden shed was needed, and he needed this tool and that tool and "instructions are for wimps"... "Constance, can you read the instructions for me?" Yet it's built. How many toilet brushes do we have in the house? Three. How many toilets do we have? One. Never mind...

I expected to get into trouble after putting the shopping away because I tried to put away the Foreman's grill that I used for the lunch toasties, and being of the shorter variety I struggled to reach the shelf to put it away properly. I left it balanced on the shelf to turn around and get a chair so that I could reach to turn it around. Whilst turned around the bloody thing fell out of the cupboard and snapped in two. I cried, that's how devastated I was. Partly because I loved that Foreman's grill, and partly because hubby was in the kitchen and I knew how much I was going to get shouted at. He didn't. He didn't shout once. Not even when I told him I'd broken a part of the bench. He had a twinkle in his eyes and simply said "and you say I do stupid things...". That was it. I know that I've now brought forward the kitchen refurb, and that I won't be able to say anything because it will be my fault that it's needed, but seriously, there was no shouting what so ever. I could have cried at how lovely he was about it.

I've had a fabby afternoon with @Wanderkirsty on twitter and email writing an article, and the giggles and laughs I've had at this end have been welcomed.

He watched the news tonight (the girls were playing outside so we were in control of the tv zapper - I know, almost unheard of) and it came on about Rolf Harris. Do you know what he said? Now this isn't politically correct but... "there's going to be a bloody good pantomime in their prison this year." I asked him what he meant because I wasn't really listening to the news and he said "with the amount of celebrities in the nick at the moment, the pantomime is going to be bloody brilliant". Speechless. What can you say to that?

Let's see what tomorrow brings when he goes to see his GP about this driving licence renewal thing. He's got me to get him a GP appointment to fill it in because his nurse mentioned that the occupational therapist will be being brought out of the cupboard to see how he's managing - who says he's away with the fairies? GP appointment tommorw, Consultant appointment next week. He's certainly not daft that's for certain.

Ooooh. I almost forgot. I rang the "old people's home" (what is the correct term for this? When hubby has to go into one he'll bring the average age down by decades) and I'd forgotten that it's a friend that is in charge of it. She's all for it, and she was going to go and speak to the residents to see how many of them would like to be visited by one frazzled carer and her dog. This actually put a spring in my step. Hubby thinks it's hilarious. "Why would you even do that?" was his response. I just said that maybe it would be nice for them to get and enjoy what he enjoys with our dog. Now hubby can be short fused and intolerant but he has always, always had patience with older people. He'll hold doors open, he'll carry shopping, he'll smile and say hello, but only if you're old. If you're not, nah - it doesn't matter. Do you know how I know he's happy about me doing this? Because he didn't tell me no :o).

Anyhoo. He's away to his friend's house tonight, so I'm going to go and try some of the new cleaner he "bought" me for the cooker. I might even sneak one of the biscuits from the cupboard seeing as the girls are in bed and there is no witnesses to drop me in it ;o) xx

*Just have to say, just incase you doubted her existence, that @Wanderkirsty really does exist, she's a real person, and we did nothing but laugh - mainly at each other's expense, but if you can't do that with a person you've never "met" on your first phonecall then it doesn't bode well for the next phonecall ;o) xx




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