26/07/2013 21:39

You wouldn't think that trying to pack for your holiday would cause so much hassle, but in this house - nothing suprises me. I've waited for three days to get the suitcase out of the loft. Why don't I get it I hear you ask - well I'd look like Winne-the-Pooh caught in a tree stump trying to get honey if I did. Add to that the fact that cadet camp clothes came back today and it all has to be done even though most of the civvies weren't worn, the little darling had put the clean clothes in with the dirty ones and a pair of hiking boots so that added together means far more washing to be done than needed.

The next problem was having packed the toiletry bag. All done carefully, except for the fact that the seal on the Ariel bottle had broken and it was seeping out of the bottom of the bottle throughout the bag and I did not the irony when placing the hessian bag into the washing machine only to add washing powder to the drawer...

We managed to get the dog cage - so that's been a success and the dog loves it. You've never seen a dog like it for a dog cage. I had to buy extra treats for him for when we're on holiday, but anything for a peaceful life, so I got two bags lol. I've managed to get a "feed the fish for a week" tablet (in Tesco's believe it or not) and we've put it into the tank tonight, because I would forget to do it tomorrow, and they haven't died yet - so that's a bonus. I have told her though that if they do die whilst we're away we'll just dry them out for a couple of days and use them for dog treats like the bag of mini fish we saw sold as treats in the pet shop this morning. She wasn't sure if I was joking or not, and the look of disgust on her face was an absolute picture. I was joking, just incase you're wondering ;o).

The little darlings have bled the hot water dry with their showers, so before I can wash the tea dishes (really late with them tonight I know) and before I can have a shower (as hubby thinks I need at least three a day now) I have to wait on the booster button boosting the water - honestly, these things are set against me.

I'm looking around the downstairs and it looks like a hurricane has been through the house. The only solice is that once it's into suitcases and bags it will all be clear, but I can't see it being done for a couple of hours yet as hubby has suggestions of what needs to be done in the meantime, and cleaning the oven is not on the top of my to do list.

I'm going to need a holiday to recover from the holiday...

Whilst I'm hoping we have wi-fi in this holiday house, if I don't, I shall update you with the Family Trying's shinannagans when I get home - that'll give you all something to look forward too... :o) xx


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