Mixed bag.

30/08/2013 21:00

Wowzers. Today we've had our ups and downs. Hubby woke up in a good mood and tootled down the stairs about 4.5hrs after I got up, so I was flagging as he was waking up. Our neighbour decided to come round to chat to him. I would like to say that I was not amused that he came round before I'd gotten my bra on, but the fright he got was his own fault. I must admit, when he'd gone and come back again and I had my head in the freezer then the fright was returned when he just walked in the door. I'm still recovering now lol.

We had a peaceful mid-morning onwards until about 2pm when he started getting a bit wound up about the dr's appointment. At 2.30pm we were sat in the GP's surgery waiting for our appointment that we didn't get in until 3pm. It didn't go as well as expected because the GP mentioned that hubby might have to go through the driving assessment again. Silence. This was not expected, on hubby's part anyway, so the fettle that came at home afterwards was not unexpected. We sat looking through the forms to fill in and "no he doesn't need any help on a day to day basis", so I'm not allowed to fill in "yes". He has no memory problems because of the medication he's on. He has no confusion issues because of the medication he's on. I would answer "yes" to both and add that the medication helps with the issues, but no. I'm not allowed to. So he's decided that he's going to wait and see what his Consultant says next week just incase she answers in a way he wants to hear. "What is it you actually do for me Constance?" was shrilled at me. "My driving licence is more important than you are Constance" was another one. I looked at him and just said "If I don't do anything for you hubby, why am I filling in the forms?". The response to that was utter silence. Without shouting and ranting and getting upset with him, I got my point across. The forms are back in the envelope for his Consultant to look at next week.

I managed to get Biggey away to Cadet camp, still with the cast on from the last camp, and she's away until Sunday. I came home to hubby on the phone. If it's his mobile phone he'll answer it, if it's the house phone he won't. I'm trying to make tea when the neighbour from earlier turned up and had a coffee. I'm not allowed to cook when he's here so I came into the living room. The two of them went off into neighbour's garage and I got on with tea.

Ooooh. Guess what I've been doing for the past couple of hours. I bet you can't. Wait for it... I have been holding a tape measure whilst husband has been measuring the kitchen for new cupboards and benches. Now I'm a feet and inches gal, and mixing between milimeters, meters and feet and inches has got my head in a spin. We don't need a new kitchen. Yes the one we have is tired, but so am I and I don't see him measuring me up for a replacement (hmmm... now there's an idea - think of the peace...), but there is nothing wrong with the actual kitchen. It could wait until we've saved up enough to get the one we (and by that I mean "I") like, but oh no. I can see it now. Months of measuring, counting, googling, measuring, more googling and finally deciding on the one he wants followed by an age of putting it in. After the bathroom (which has no bathroom, but I don't know what to call it now) I don't know if I could take much more. The heating system had me almost losing the plot and the afterwork that had to be done on the back of the heating system going in nearly finished me off. Please stop with the renovating, just for a bit, please.

I'm planning on going to bed early tonight. I'm shattered. He's tossing and turning and stealing the duvet and tossing and turning some more at the moment, but I wasn't allowed to mention his cramps at the GP's this afternoon - that might effect his driving licence. Give me strength.



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