Morning :o)

08/06/2014 09:32

Good morning lovelies. Well I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment, I'm on a housework mission. I think months and months of having to do it to keep hubby happy (or happier) has rubbed off on me because I'm now doing it with a smile on my face and doing jobs that don't need done lol. I'm actually looking for jobs to do, starting them earlier and finish them later - seriously? I'm turning into Hyacenth Bucket! It's not funny! Hubby is happy.

Oooh. He's had me doing all sorts. Trying to make the tea the other night whilst lifting the felting from the dismantled shed and putting it into piles at the bottom of the now massive garden, shovelling the scrap would and putting it into the wheelie bin so he could take it to the skip and trying to make sure the dogs didn't get out of the garden wasn't the easiest. I wanted a cape. I wouldn't put my knickers ontop of my trousers because I won't even hang them on the washing line incase I go out to get the washing in and I find a family of squirrels have moved in - there's enough room (there is a pun about where they'd put their nuts, but I won't go there... lol). He had me so stressed I was contemplating trying to fit him into the wheelie bin. The only thing that stopped me was the contortions that would be needed and the fact I wouldn't be able to shift the bin to put it into the boot of the car. So I didn't.

On a really chuffed note, Biggey has gotten into college - whoop, whoop! She wants to join the army and go into REME and do mechanics, and when she put her name forward the interviews at the college, she was told not to expect to get anywhere because there were so many boys applying and it is always a popular course, did she not fancy doing the plumbing course? No. She does not want to do the plumbing course. "What if I don't get a place mum?" I got asked on the morning of going to the college. "Well sweatheart (we were beingnice to each other here lol) if you don't get in, it's not meant tobe and that's when you find what you are meant to be doing. Do your best, try your hardest and that's all you can ask of yourself and all we can ask of you". She went away with a smile on her face - she really is a bonnie lassie when she smiles, she should do it more often, I've tried telling her that scowling is only going to give her wrinkles.

Biggey came home on Friday night and told us she's got a place in college doing mechanics. It's a one day a week course for the year and she will come out being able to service and probably mot the car. We are both so proud of her and I'd just like to stick my fingers up to the teachers - it's your job to encourage, not to burst the bubble of children's dreams, whether that's them wanting to be a bin man, mechanic or md of high rolling company. She's so nervous that she's going into school to double check that she's got the place because she can't believe she's done it. We are so proud of her, and not suprised at all. She might struggle academically, but by God, when she sets her mind to something it will be done.

Middley came home on Friday to tell us that she'd come second in the Shot putt and first in her round of the Discus. That's my gal - very proud of her too. Not to leave Littley out, she came home to tell us that she'd come 10th in her cross country (out of 52) and that she'd improved her placing from last year when she was 26th. It's taken a while, but I think she's finally found her competetive spirit - don't know where she gets that from because I'm so laid back... That's what I'm telling you anyway, I struggle to play snap with the girls because I still have to win lol.

So we're off to go swimming this morning. He's still in bed, but he's not sleeping well at the moment so I'm going to let him lie for a while longer before we go. Hope the sun is shining where you are and you have a lovely day :o)


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