24/04/2013 09:24

I haven't decided what kind of day today is. The girls got up well this morning, with no undue bouts of World War 3, that is until 2 mins before leaving the house middley banged into littley's bag hung on the bottom of the stairs and all hell broke loose. Never mind, it was 2 mins of carnage before they left for school so it wasn't too bad - let middley put her frustrations into education, it will benefit her in the long run.

I've just spoken to Mr. Orange regarding my phone bill which seems a tad excessive, "don't worry Mrs. Constantly Trying - we brought out a new package in February which is the same cost as what you're paying now but gives you unlimited mobile to mobile calls and unlimited texts, we'll just put you on that." Great - why couldn't you have put me on that in February?... hey-ho, these things are sent to try me, and they constantly do.

Hope you're having a happy day with the little bouts of sunshine that seem to make all the difference :o) xx


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