So far so good...

12/05/2013 09:32

It's a beautiful morning here, the sun is shining and it doesn't half help put a spring in your step. I've been up since the crack of dawn so that I could take Biggy to the mini-bus, she's got a day of athletics ahead of her - bless her, she's not the tallest of individuals and she's doing the high jump and long jump, but good for her, I admire anyone who tries hard and boy does she.

I've already been to the co-op (where people were wearing their pyjamas - why, I ask you?), come home, put the shopping away, made breakfast for middley and myself, am waiting for littley to show signs of life and the creaking of the floorboards to suggest he's on his way down.

I've got the in-laws coming for tea this afternoon, a mountain of ironing (and washing that will replace the mountain), a list as long as my arm of housework to do (I can see me doing the bathroom with a toothbrush again), and biggy to pick up at 5.30pm.

Happily, middley hasn't thrown a strop with me so far, I'm not the worst mummy in the world, I don't make everybody sad or angry and I'm not to blame for Global Warming - so far. All because I cut her toast into triangles - if that's all it takes I'll happily cut anything into triangles... :o) She is a lovely lassy, she really is, but when she's unsure about daddy all hell breaks loose and I might as well be all that is bad with the world - but so far, it's smiles and skipping all the way :o).

I'm going to enjoy my cup of coffee in peace, put on a cd, crank it up, shake my booty (apologies for any earth tremours now... and for trying to sound young and down with the kids...) and work like the devil. Isn't it strange how a little bit of sunshine can put a whole different spin on the day. 


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