Something I forgot...

14/05/2013 08:39

I was lying in bed last night when I remembered that I had forgotten (sounds backwards I know) to put our Les Miserables ramblings in my post (although it was a long one anyway so I hope I didn't bore you too much), so here goes.

Hubby took the runaway camera out yesterday afternoon as the girls came in from school, so we put the new dvd on to enjoy it in peace. Littley was sitting on the rocking chair, middley was on the two seater, biggy was on daddy's swivel chair and I was on the other two seater (yes, you would be forgiven for mistaking us for DFS - hubby has a thing about chairs. We make Peter Kaye and his emergency chairs look tight. There's 11 dining chair scattered through the house... don't even start me on tables), and we were snuggled and comfy and enjoying the film (even Middley who hates musicals).

Well... the volume was turned up half way through and we didn't think anything of it, until the canon was fired. Bugger me. I was in the safe zone, but poor middley and biggey weren't. They have the speakers directly behind them... biggey slid of the swivel chair and landed on the floor and middley... She had been lounging on the sofa in a way not allowed when daddy's home, and she cleared it. Not one piece of her body was on the seat. Her legs and arms flailed about in mid air and we should have sung "Major Tom" as she re-entered the atmosphere lol. I honestly couldn't breath. I had tears. My tummy hurt from laughing. Their faces were an absolute picture. I had to rewind to the previous scene because we missed so much of it in trying to regain our breath, and composure lol. Poor buggers - but dear God, it was funny. x


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