Sometimes I wonder...

27/04/2013 10:02

I sometimes wonder if I'm going doolally. I mean seriously. Even hubby has commented on things I do "If I did that they'd have me locked up..."

I couldn't find my phone last night. "Did you think to ring it?" I hear you cry. No I did not. Finally found it an hour after search began and where was it? In my bra where I always keep it. D'huh.

I remember being so tired once I went to put the kettle in the fridge. In my defence, I had the bottle of milk in my other hand, they're both white, but even so. D'huh. I've even tried to put the kettle in the washing machine - but again, in my defence, the washing was the next job on the list, and I'm constantly trying to be a step ahead of myself, so that's my excuse there...

I even find that hubby changing his mind, forgetting he's said things, thinking he's said things can make me think that way. The most valuable thing in our house, after hubby, girlies and dog, is the calendar. If it doesn't get put on the calendar it simply doesn't happen. I remember a time when we didn't have such a thing. I also remember a time when a clock wasn't important. It wasn't all that long ago that these things didn't matter. Now I feel like a hostage to the ticking of the clock. Either I never have enough time or I'm waiting on it tick, tick, ticking until it's the time I want it to be - like bed time lol. 

I put my little "mistakes" down to being constantly knackered, constantly trying to keep things on an even keel, and constantly having lots of things rattling around my head for my little moments of madness. It must be awful for hubby who does these things because he doesn't realise he is, he has no control over doing them and also denies having done them in the first place - "it must have been you, I wouldn't be so stupid to do something like that", which then makes me second guess myself and adds to the things already rattling around in my head - which is just what I need lol.


Topic: Sometimes I wonder...

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