Speechless - again.

01/05/2013 08:22

Hubby has been given a new camera when his friend upgraded his. It's all singing, all dancing and would probably make a cup of tea if you asked it nicely enough. Hubby gets fixated on things from time to time, and the camera and taking pictures seems to be the new thing - which I can cope with. The list of other fixations have had me close to the brink lol.

Trying to rush out of the house last night to do the girlies drop offs and pick ups he turns around to me and says "When you get home tonight we could fiddle about with the camera and do some of those glamour shots". My response was utter silence and a raised eyebrow. The look of shock and confusion on my face must have been a bit of a giveaway because he simply said "that wasn't the right word was it?". "No sweetheart, that wasn't the right word" lol.


Topic: Speechless - again.

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