That'll teach me...

03/05/2013 23:44

There I was not long ago commenting on how we seem to going along ok. Silly me. Hubby has returned home from his friend's and "what have you done today? Sweet FA". No amount of "I've done this, this or this" works so saying nothing is the best approach. Seriously - if he doesn't see it being done, it hasn't been done and that irritates me. It's almost as if it's best not to do anything so that he can see it being done when he's home. I've seen the day I'm cleaning wood work at 3am and the kitchen floors at silly o'clock because I haven't finished my list of jobs that he's set me for the day. The Dr on Monday asked if he has any OCD. I mentioned that he does, it's cleanliness and housework, but I also mentioned that it isn't him that does it. Cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush. The oven taking 3 hours to clean, not because it was filthy, but because it had to be done a certain way etc, etc. It's mentally exhausting but easier to do it his way, because if you don't it hasn't been done properly.

Tomorrow is going to be fun... not. I'll be Mrs. Mop, again. Wonder what's going to be on the sodding list... Ah well, I've had the instructions on how to walk correctly (honestly, round and round the coffee table I had to walk, heel to toe, heel to toe) and I've had the instructions on how to breath properly (don't know how my body would have coped without that educational lesson...) and tomorrow will be no different. Ah well, best get to bed so I'm ready bright and early for another productive day - or should I say a more productive day?


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