That'll teach me.

05/06/2013 20:45

The sun's been out and I've been pottering in the garden, weeding and pulling stones about in the rockery, with supervision of course... It's been a relatively peaceful afternoon, he enjoyed tea - or didn't say he didn't and I've sat thinking "yay, it's not been a bad day today - it must be the sunshine agreeing with him".

I've just looked over at the laptop he's tippy tapping away on and what's he looking at? Houses. Where are these houses? The Orkney Isles. He wants to sell up and move lock stock and barrel. It'll only take six hours in a car, a short ferry trip and maybe a plane - depending on which Island he decides upon. I had seriously thought he'd forgotten all about this. He was like a dog with a bone months ago about this, and then all of a sudden it stopped. Well it's back. Joy.


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