Trying to sing...

16/05/2013 22:01

There's me on the phone to my mother talking about Les Miserables saying that one of my favourite bits was when they were singing "Master of the house", doing the accent and hubby shouts at me to stop swearing... Confused I ask him what he's on about. "I hate women swearing, stop saying arse"... hmmm. Not sure what he was on about I repeat myself to mum only for him to shout louder. Then the penny drops... I'm singing "Master of the 'ouse" and he's thinking I'm saying "Master of the arse" - although what kind of film I'd have to be watching for that to be in it is beyond me lol. Still, I'm not allowed to sing it at all now lol. 

This is what it should sound like... needless to say I didn't sound anything like it ;o)


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