Twitter is a lifeline

26/05/2013 22:55

I've decided to be a bit upbeat in today's post (I hear the cheers and sighes of relief lol).

The wonderful Lee at Dementia Challengers posted a "cue"uestion (I'm not even going to say how frustrated I am about that "cue" button - I think you can sense it...) on twitter today. The "cue"uestion was about technology and gadgets and how can they help carers. I responded by saying that if carers have access to the technology and gadgets that Twitter is a Godsend. It is. It's my lifeline. I only got into twitter because of a suggestion by Lee. Lee will never know just how grateful I am for this suggestion.

Being in a house 24/7 can mean that you're cut off from friends, whether they just fall by the wayside because they don't know what to say to you or because you choose to fall back from the group because you just don't know what to say to them. Isolation and loneliness hits you. You can become devoid of grown up conversation - any conversation. Joining Twitter opens up a whole new world that you didn't even realise was out there. I've "met" people on Twitter that I now consider friends - I just haven't met them, but it doesn't mean that I don't think of them as friends. Because of Twitter I'm learning things, looking at links that I would never have known about, reading things I didn't know I didn't know. It buoys me when I'm feeling low. It gives me a kick up the a**e when I'm wallowing and when a kick up the a**e is needed. It can give you view points you hadn't thought of, shows you perspectives that you hadn't looked from. It shows you that whilst you might feel alone you are not, there are others out there feeling the same way as yourself, there are people on Twitter who are suffering from this illness called Dementia, there are carers of this illness called Dementia, there are people who are working hard to bring this illness called Dementia to it's knees and there are those who are working relentlessly to raise awareness of this illness called Dementia.

I just want to say thank you too all of you on there. Thank you for listening to my mini ramblings (as opposed to reading my rambling meanderings on here), for responding to my mini ramblings, for educating me, for sharing your thoughts and deeds and for raising awareness of this illness. I couldn't be without Twitter now, and that's down to you lovely lot. Thank you x 





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