Two hours...

30/06/2013 22:55

Two short hours. That's all it takes. Hubby has been banned from the hoover since he sent the spring flying on it before Christmas. Apparently they aren't happy working without a belt... One bit of the hoover flew in one direction, the other bit flew in the other and two weeks later the new one arrived (thankfully covered by the guarantee - but I'm not sure how). Since then he's not been allowed to touch the new one.

I came back from having taken Biggey to her Armed Forces church service to a "I've broken the hoover". "Why were you using the hoover? I did it just before I left" was my reply. "I wanted to hoover". Fair does. "How did you break it?". Apparently things wouldn't get out of the way of it. I mean you can ask a coffee table and settee nicely, but they're not going to move out of the way are they? This is when he lost his temper and launched the said hoover. I didn't believe him to be honest. I went to the hoover cupboard and pulled it out only for the handle to come away in my hand and the hoover to stay still going "nah nah nah nah nah" at me and him smirking away in the chair going "nah nah nah nah nah" because he hadn't made it up.

I have put my foot down tonight and told him come hell or high water he's coming down the road with me tomorrow, because if this is the damage he can do in the space of two hours, he's not getting left for a day - dear knows what mischief he could get upto.

I have since spent the afternoon running around the Borders purchasing the "new" hoover he found on Gumtree (if I didn't know better, I would say he did this little destruction on purpose so that he can get the one he wants) and when I got it home with all the boxes (I know, how many boxes do you need for a hoover?) and sat and laid them all out my heart sank. There is a sander attachment, a drill attachment, a saw attachment, a buffer attachment, a spray gun attachment and when he's not looking, all of these attachments will be hidden so I can't come home to a sanded, buffed, shiny house with holes in and screws holding it all together. 


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