Unexpected Kindness

30/05/2013 21:43

Yesterday's appointment went as I expected. I'd rang to tell them how its been going and they want to see him in four weeks time when they think they'll up his meds. They think.

So I was a bit flat yesterday afternoon and today. In the process of swapping over phones and sim cards I had missed a call from the girls care worker. She takes them out every now and again and they call her Granny ********* because they think that much of her. I rang her back and she's going to take them out on Saturday. Before she went she asked how I was. I answered with my usual "fine thanks". That's when she said that she would come to the house and have a natter with me, or we could go out and have a coffee. It wouldn't have to be chatting about how things are, but a change of scenery and a different face to blether to might cheer me up. She doesn't realise that what she said meant so much. It's her job to look after the girls. She has to. That's what she does, and I'm eternally grateful for what she does - it's a lifeline to the girls. Yet to offer me a coffee and a natter, something that she doesn't have to do, something that is going out of her way to do... That is kindness and I'm not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears. She said we have similar outlooks in life and see the humour in adversity and that's how to get through it. Smile and the world smiles with you. Well, thanks to Granny *********, I've had a smile on my face today,and when I write my book she'll get a "thank you" on the first page :o)


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