08/12/2013 10:50

I am apologising for my absence at the moment. I can't write down what's happening at the moment because I don't have the words, but we've had a week from hell, and all I can see is another week from hell, and I can't guarantee that I can wave my magic wand to fix any of this.

Once the dust has settled and I've won this battle, I will fill you in on the details. I simply ask that you keep your fingers crossed for us, I'm very grateful for any positive thoughts winging our way.

Thank you very much in advance and hopefully it won't be much longer before I can write the stories of "hubby's decided to remodel the kitchen" or "hubby's got the decorating table out" because whilst it has filled me with dread in the past, I would rather be whinging about that than dealing with what's on our plate at the moment.

Love to you all, and wishing you a very happy Christmas (although I hope to be back before then). Constance x



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