Ups and downs...

24/07/2013 21:21

Well we went to the dr's who threw him an on spot test... He's dropped a few points, and on things I wouldn't have expected him to. I knew he'd fail the President of America because he always has. He usually says Osama bin Laden... The other one that makes me chuckle is when they ask which President was assinated. He usually says President Clinton. His logic is there because he says "well he was blown wasn't he..." so I get the connection - although whether the dr's do I'm not sure lol.

They've put off upping the meds till the next time because they're not sure if the decline is down to a decline or down to all the hassle he's had over the past couple of months and the medication he's been on because of the muscle strain and the problems with his mouth. They want me to keep an eye on his driving though, so that should be interesting. He came out of the meeting high as a kite and decided to take us clothes shopping for our holiday.

Now then... this was fine when we were shopping for the girls. No problem at all. Yet he thought I needed more clothes. I do, but having your short fused husband trying to fit you into clothes are that sitting there laughing at the mere suggestion can be stressful. Some of the things he picked for me was like trying to stuff oranges into a tangerine net, and at this point I could have cheerfully sat rocking back and forth in the changing cubicle, but what did make me laugh is that the short playsuit (I ask you) which looked very pretty (I don't do pretty clothes, I like to be a bit edgy and different and not wear what others would) and a lovely blue colour was the smallest size he'd handed me. Yes I'll try it on, but don't expect much was my response. I did try it on. You'll never guess. It only bloody well fitted. If the shorts had been longer I would have had it. When I opened the zip at the top of the playsuit I laughed out loud. Seriously. There has to be a secret zip somewhere because there isn't a cat in hell's chance this is going over my knees, never mind my a**e, but it did. I nearly did a dance. I won't say I looked like Twiggy (more like a tree stump) but it fitted :o). It makes me wonder why bigger clothes from the same brand in the same shop didn't, but that's another issue that just niggles me so I'll leave it at that. I bought myself a swimming costume, and by this time I'd lost the will to live. This one promised to control my tummy (good luch with that swimming costume) and boost my cleavage (I won't need to worry about drowning, I'll have my own float system going on...) and it was black - so it was a winner. Littley and Middley asked if I was going to try it on. I said no. "If it doesn't look good, I'll just have to get into the water faster" was my response. Hubby bought himself some bits and pieces too, which was more of a hullabaloo than trying to get me things. I don't know which fairy fills his wallet, but I wouldn't mind having one of my own.

We got home in time for me to make a late tea, and I reminded him about the washing machine. I opened it this morning only to flood the kitchen floor - great... He went and had a look, after I reminded him to switch it off at the wall, and took out some fluffy gunk and I set it on a spin to see if it would work. Work it would not, so I have spent half an hour emptying it by hand so he can take it to his mum's and we can get the one that's sat in her garage taking up space. I have enough washing to do as it is, and the clothes I put on the line this morning that is soaking wet because of the rain when we were out has to come in so that I can wash it again. Littley offered to bring it in, but I said thank you and no because I had nowhere to put it. It was wetter than it was before the final spin when the washing machine thought it would work for a bit.

He's still to come home with the washing machine, and it's still to connect up but it's going to be going like billio so that I can do catch up before we leave for our hols. If the dog cage doesn't come tomorrow he's going to be stressed to the hilt about it, but I'm not going to stress about that until I need to. It will be here... It will be here... I'm looking forward to bed tonight, I will sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow :o)


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