Walking on a hot tin roof.

07/07/2013 10:46

I don't know how he does it. I really don't. He went to bed shouting at me last night and the moment his eyes opened this morning he was ranting the same things. You go to sleep being shouted at and you wake up to it - it's exhausting. I've been all names under the sun so far, he doesn't want any breakfast except when the girls get home he'll be hungry, which makes him grumpy (believe it or not) and I've just got a sneaky feeling this past week was just a reminder of the lovely hubby he can be. I think other hubby is going to be here for a while and that's such a shame.

I'm going to go and clean the bathroom, hang out some washing, get the hoover out, polish, have a shower and make myself look presentable and wait for my lovely girls to come home - I've soooo missed them this week, it's like missing a limb. There's been no fighting over the tv remote, no saying "do we have to have that for dinner?", no "what are we doing today?" but there's been no cheeky smiles or snuggles and huggles either. I can't wait for them to be home :o)


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