Well the Lemon worked...

14/08/2013 20:36

Yay - peace throughout the house because the scent of Lemon's meant that I had been busy and tidied and not sat on my a@@e all day. Happy me. Happy me until Biggey turned around on the sofa and knocked over the candle (Lemon of course) and sent wax down the wallpaper (the wallpaper that took three weeks putting up) and the little phone table it was sat on.

Oh. Dear. God. Peace was shattered. Not only is the little phone table going to have to be thrown out, because apparently the varnish will be taken off and the table is ruined (What varnish? It's a glass table), but that's the wallpaper ruined. Whilst he might be correct on the second issue, he's not on the first but there's no telling him, so I'm not going to antagonise him by mentioning this. What I have said is that I'll let it cool overnight and with the blunt side of a butter knife I'll remove the dried wax, and then I'll put white kitchen towel onto the mark and either use a hairdryer or an iron on a coolish setting to try and get any grease off, if there is grease remaining. This has sort of pacified him, but only just.

He's now in the kitchen watching the England - Scotland match with our neighbour. Hubby is English, neighbour is Scottish... Whilst as a daughter of a Scottish man, and the mother of two Scottish children, I did smile when England scored ;o).


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