What to do?

16/07/2013 10:38

The sun is shining. Middley and littley have gone to Edinburgh on a trip. Hubby has gone out. I'm at home. I don't like it when I'm on my own, I feel lost. There's lots that I can do and nothing I can be bothered with. I could sit in the garden and enjoy the sun, but then there's things to do in the house. I don't want to do things in the house because I could be sat in the garden enjoying the sun. Contrary? Me?...

Hubby came home from his friend's house at silly o'clock last night and asked what I'd gotten upto. I'd gone to Theatre group with littley because biggey is at camp and middley was on a sleep over. I was telling him how it had gone but he couldn't keep up with the names and then he assumed I was drunk and had been drinking whilst he wasn't in. I wish. Honestly, no amount of saying you're not three sheets to the wind, whilst sober, convinces a man who is adament you're kalyed (how do you spell that?...) so in the end I just gave up. I got up bright and early this morning without a hang over (funnily enough) and have been pottering about since. He's obviously forgotten that I was supposed to be drunk last night because he never mentioned it this morning - seriously, it would have been easier if I had been drinking directly from a vodka bottle wrapped in a brown paper bag for the amount of grief I got.

So, the packed lunch boxes were put up, the girls had their breakfast and off they went without a backwards glance and I don't even have to make lunch. I could wash windows - that way I'd be outside in the sun and doing housework, but I don't want to tempt the rain ;o) xx



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