What will tonight be like?

11/07/2013 19:29

The toothache is still there, the anti-biotics should have kicked in by now and he shouldn't be in any pain - but he is. We're out of the painkillers and I have no idea what it's going to be like tonight.

The girls have scattered outside knowing he's in a fowl fettle, and I'm left in the house listening to the ranting of how I've done nothing today and how useless I am. I don't even think I can give him any other painkillers due to the strength of the ones he's used.

I might be wrong, all might be well, but I'm not going to hold my breath because I've got an inkling that he is going to be like a bear with a sore head, at the moment he is just a disgruntled bear who's had his honey sandwich taken off him, but by God when he's in full swing I think I might take a leaf out of the girl's book and find somewhere outside to sit - at least the sun is still shining. It might not be a bad idea for the dentist to see the level of discomfort he's in because it might speed the process up, and hopefully he'll get a prescription tomorrow so I'm not bothering anyone else over the weekend trying to get something that will work.

On a happy note, we've had our first crop of strawberries today. A full total of four, but by gum they were big and red and shiny and the girls shared them out. One big one or two smaller ones lol. I can't wait for the courgettes to start either, I like them when they're small but they chop up nice to go into salads etc.


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