24/04/2013 10:19

There's me trying to be the domestic Goddess that I am (?... pffft) and make some Onion & Lentil soup (tastes nicer than it sounds - promise) and I go to the trusty Mr. Oxo stock cube limited edition tin that I have. Open it up to find the bargin basement stock cubes that are contained within (before you pass judgement on my domestic Goddess statement, I do make my own stock normally, just we didn't have chicken for tea on Sunday night) and what do I find. Lots of stock cubes with no labels on. Rows of shiny, silver cubes all patiently waiting to be added to whatever delectible delight I decide to make next, and I can't work out what's chicken, vegetable or ham. Just as well there's no veggie's in this household...

Seriously - I'm fully functional (normally), so what chance does he stand when labels aren't even added? Having said that, the chances of him going to the stock cube tin are limited - but that does remind me of the day I found the missing tin of peaches in the microwave...


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