Wide awake?

25/04/2013 08:22

I can't decide if I'm wide awake or cream crackered. Last night went a bit hectic and I ended up with biggey and an injured hand - 5hrs later (due to unforseen circumstances, an alarm, the police turning up to the hospital and driving off and then a swat team turning up - not complaining, there's a telly in casualty but there's no signal - go figure, so it added some excitement to the wait. The character was taken away having been aggressive to staff by said police with a hannibal lecture style face mask on... they weren't sure if he was high or needed assessment - which unsettles me because what if hubby was to go off on one - would they take his illness into account or would I be visiting Parkhurst - bit of a commute to the Isle of Wight, but I can't think of any that's closer lol), it's a bad sprain, but it's meant writing to letters to English teacher for lack of homework and PE (do they still call it that?...) teacher to excuse her from class (I did think she could do her English homework during PE, but whether they think of that, we'll see...).

Of course, hubby's still in bed - so I'm walking around (that would be an exageration - I'm sitting) trying to make as little noise as possible. I'm pondering as to whether the kettle boiling might wake him, but do so need caffeine... and now I need the loo :o(


Topic: Wide awake?

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